Video: Russian Museum of Architecture promo

And now for something completely different, a one-minute video promoting the Museum of Architecture in Russia.  Created by Saatchi Russia, it’s a humorous spin on the “little old ladies” that guard museums and historic sites.  If you understand Russian, could you tell us what’s going on?

2 thoughts on “Video: Russian Museum of Architecture promo

  1. Sandra

    From a friend who speaks Russian: The title of the video is “Museum Grandmoms,” and the gist appears to be that there’s a citywide architectural promotion/tour going on. The little old ladies, who ordinarily sit around the Russian museums telling you “don’t touch that,” will instead sit on chairs on the sidewalks around the city, and tell you about the architecture of the buildings they’re sitting in front of.


    1. Max van Balgooy Post author

      Thanks, Sandra! The little old ladies have certainly become part of the identity of Russian museums (it’s what often comes to my mind) so I wonder if this approach could be used in the USA. Certainly we could have guides seated around historic neighborhoods but how do we push it a bit further. Is there something that is unofficially part of your museum’s identity or brand that can be flipped into a fun or provocative project?


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