Video: History Lives in Alnwick Castle

This is a 0:30 television commercial promoting Alnwick Castle in England, which uses the slogan “Where History Lives.”  This historic site continues as the home of the Dukes of Northumberland, so along with tours of the castle and gardens, they offer a very wide range of activities, such as broomstick training (just like Harry Potter), archery (“one of England’s oldest skills”), and a theatrical behind-the-scenes adventure (called “The Lost Cellars”).  Historic sites rarely are able to produce advertising for television, so enjoy this rare treat.

1 thought on “Video: History Lives in Alnwick Castle

  1. Kristin Gallas

    Where should/do historic sites draw the line between enticing visitors with radically fictitious activities and delivering “good history”? Dragons, flying broom sticks, sensationalized tours of dungeons – it may get visitors in the door, but what are visitors really taking away about the history?


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