Introducing Amazon “Dash Button” for Historic Sites

Amazon-Dash-for-Historic-SitesIn an exclusive partnership with Engaging Places LLC, has introduced a “Dash Button” for historic sites and house museums. Dash Button is a simple one-touch button that can be placed in your kitchen, bath, and laundry where you store your favorite products.  When you’re running low, simply press the Dash Button and Amazon delivers your household favorites to you so you can skip a last-minute trip to the store.

This innovative technology can be used for a variety of services, not just products, and Amazon and Engaging Places is launching Dash Button specifically for house museums and historic sites.  In the last year, the Dash Button has been field-tested with a variety of organizations to immense acclaim.

  • “It’s changed my life as an executive director,” claims Margaret Symington at Merton House, “My worries have disappeared.”
  • Collections manager Jim Bosma says, “This used to be a thankless job–not anymore! When can I get another one?”
  • “Everyone seems to get along better,” observed educator Sara Coombs at Chesterfield, “I’m not sure it’s hooked up to anything, but just pressing the button a couple times a day relieves the stress.”

Consider the benefits:

  • If you have a great idea for a public program or need to replace an old roof, you’ll want “Funding.”  No more application forms!
  • If attendance is declining or the same handful of people show up for events, you’ll want “Engagement.”
  • If you’ve finished a big weekend event, worked a holiday, or washed the museum’s tablecloths at home for the hundredth time, you’ll want “Thanks!”  Maybe two.

Other Dash Buttons are under development based on the needs and interests of field, including “Patience” and “Now.”  At this time, Dash Button is exclusively for clients of Engaging Places by invitation only.  Learn more.






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