Video: Mark Twain House and Museum

Chowder Inc. recently produced this 4:45 video promoting the Mark Twin House and Museum in Connecticut.  It’s a gentle tour of the house interspersed with comments by “visitors” wearing Twain’s signature mustache.

3 thoughts on “Video: Mark Twain House and Museum

  1. Sandra Smith

    This is great! Gentle is a good way to describe it…it’s not boring or dry, and it highlights the impact the site has on its visitors. Well done.


  2. Michelle

    I like it a lot – and it’s one of my favorite sites – but why not use real visitors? I can’t help but think their comments would be fresh and genuine.


  3. Cheryl Harry

    I love the mustache! It makes you feel like you’ll have a personal “walking in the footprints of greatness” experience no matter your age or gender. However, racial diversity is missing!


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