November launches the Seminar for Historical Administration

The Seminar for Historical Administration (SHA) takes over Indianapolis every November as staff from historic sites and history museums gather to discuss and resolve the big issues, such as:

  • Why is it that so many Americans find history, for the most part, boring and irrelevant?
  • How can we be more creative in using authentic objects to involve people in exploring the past?
  • Should we focus our interpretation on the past, or should we find ways to make history useful to present-day concerns?
  • What roles should do museums and sites play in our communities?

They’ll be exploring these topics through readings, field trips, and lectures from national leaders, and a revised curriculum that increasingly focused on leadership not just management.  The participants often come out transformed by the experience and the effects last throughout their careers, with such positive results that some organizations are using it as mid-career training for their staff members (a pat on the back to the Homestead Museum and Indiana Historical Society!).  John Durel coordinates the program and will be regularly writing about their experiences on the Developing History Leaders at SHA blog.

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    Max, there are several other org’s who are also using SHA for their ongoing staff development including the Ohio Historical Society, the City of Las Cruces Museums, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, the Kentucky Historical Society, and the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites.

    So in addition to the regular, ongoing support of the SHA partners (AAM, AASLH, Colonial Williamsburg, the National Museum of African American History & Culture, the National Trust, and the Indiana Historical Society), history organizations across the nation are recognizing this nonpareil leadership development program.

    For your readers interested in learning more about the program, here is our new website:

    And follow the Class of 2011 through our blog at


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