Video: Extreme Journey Camp

The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership works with the Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia to provide an unusual summer camp that visits historic sites to create vodcasts on leadership.   This 3:11 video describes the camp and includes interviews with students, teachers, and staff.  According to one 7th grader, “I would recommend it to kids that like history, computers, or sports.  If you don’t like one of those three, then some parts you won’t enjoy.”  This video is the first in a series of nine, and you’ll find them all on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Video: Extreme Journey Camp

  1. Lee Wright

    This is great, Max. Glad you’re posting about it. The challenge is raising awareness. About 8 million kids attend summer camps, but only a small fraction of them attend any of the great summer programs at historic sites and other history organizations. In January we announced a way for history organizations and historic sites to highlight their summer programs and camps for kids: Many organizations participated and listed their programs–they still can add any that are coming up–and we hope more organizations participate next year. More advance notice may help. Like other things we’ve done, there is no cost to list your organization and program. (We’re getting started earlier on this year’s Make this Holiday Historic” list, too.)


    1. Max van Balgooy Post author

      Thanks for offering this calendar, Lee! If readers aren’t familiar with The History List, it’s an easy way to promote your events online in very clever and engaging ways.


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