History Relevance Campaign Convenes at Mt. Vernon

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Thanks to the support of The Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington at Mount Vernon, the steering committee of the History Relevance Campaign held a retreat this past week to plan its next steps.  Randi Korn facilitated the retreat to clarify our impact and distinctiveness as well as begin to draft outcomes for our work.  It was a long day and a half but we made tremendous progress.  Although we won’t be ready to share the results for another month or so (our draft ideas are still being discussed), we are making progress in several other areas:

1.  “The Value of History:  Seven Ways It Is Essential” is available and we encourage history organizations of all sizes to integrate it into their activities and programs.  Add the name of your organization to the growing list of endorsers by sending the date of adoption to contact@historyrelevance.com.  Soon we’ll have a list of suggestions to take the Value of History to the next level.

2.  Learn more about the History Relevance Campaign by visiting our new web site at HistoryRelevance.com.  It’s always under construction, so if you have ideas or suggestions, please send them to contact@historyrelevance.com.  A big thanks to the Kentucky Historical Society for developing and maintaining the web site.

3.  Participate in the discussions in the History Relevance Campaign at LinkedIn.  More than 300 people have joined and we welcome many more.

4.  We’ll have a couple sessions at the AASLH annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, so you’ll want to look for the preliminary program this summer.   We’ll also be sharing some of our work at the Leadership Forum on March 8 at the Virginia Association of Museums annual meeting.