Taking a Summer Road Trip

Like most of America, I’m taking a road trip this summer. After a long year of teaching and working online, I’m drained so I’m looking to get recharged by this vacation on wheels. I’ve always loved road trips, especially ones with loose itineraries, because it gives a chance to see lots of new places and meet people from around the country.

As I drive across America from Maryland to California, I’ll take you along for the ride with occasional posts of some of the museums and historic sites I’ve visited as well as what I’ve learned from the people who work there. My list is long and my time is short, but I’m eager to see the Ohio History Connection, Missouri Botanic Garden, Cherokee Heritage Center, Oklahoma City National Memorial, and Mary Coulter’s La Posada Restaurant. Plus I’ll be doing some research on Christmas in nineteenth century California when I’m in Los Angeles!

5 thoughts on “Taking a Summer Road Trip

  1. Conny Graft

    Good for you! This is a great idea and I look forward to your posts as you travel along the way.


  2. Nina Zannieri

    Hey Max. Happy Trails. it would be interesting if you would share how COVID restrictions are playing out across the country. Where are masks still required and are any places still limiting capacity? Are some places till unable to open?? Is the pandemic over for museums or is caution still wide spread.


  3. Lee Wright

    You’ll have a great time, Max. This Saturday, as part of History Camp America 2021, our first online History Camp, we’re including a half-dozen historic site tours and history walks: https://historycamp.org/history-camp-america-2021/site-tour-previews/. One of our surprises after we sent out invitations months ago is how few sites were interested in taking advantage of this opportunity. The folks at the Pilgrim Hall Museum were a notable exception. They understood the opportunity completely and created a great tour. For others, it would have been as simple as a modern smartphone + a $10 lav mic. And most of the others are much less well-known than the Pilgrim Hall Museum. Interested in your thoughts when you’re back or along the way.


  4. John m

    La Posada is a great stopover hotel. It’s the kind of accommodation you want to fully absorb. Happy trails!


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