See You Next Year!

This will be the last post for this year as I close out 2012 with a couple weeks of vacation from posting on this blog (but I’ll probably be updating the design and layout).  Thanks to all my readers and especially those who shared their thoughts, comments, and recommendations via comments and emails.

I launched the EngagingPlaces blog on October 24, 2011, so I’m also celebrating a one-year+ anniversary with some statistics for those who like them:

Most viewed posts for 2012

  1. HBO CEO named Mt. Vernon CEO; A Step Backwards IMHO (9,043 views)
  2. Let’s Give SWOT a REST (2,327 views)
  3. Embezzlement: Is it Our Dirty Little Secret? (2,172 views)
  4. Take Advantage of the Ten Cultural Trends for 2012 (581 views)
  5. Best Practices (568 views)

The top referrers for 2012 (how readers find the blog)

  1. Google Search
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Linked In

Not so much through Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest, delicious, or StumbleUpon.  Although Google Reader and NetVibes weren’t among the top, their popularity surprised me so perhaps folks are becoming convinced of the benefits of news aggregators).

See you in 2013!

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