Flex Your Pride, History Nerds!

The History List recently debuted an online store that will warm the hearts of history nerds, both conservative and radical.  You’ll find autographed history books; bright red t-shirts declaring “History Major” or “History Nerd,” as well as a “Declaration of Independence” temporary tattoo that covers your entire back (and you can even add your own signature).  The tattoos sold out immediately but you can sign up to be notified when they’re back in stock.

Your purchases support the operation and expansion of The History List, which helps attract new visitors and members to historic sites and history organizations across the country. This is all provided free by Lee Wright, who started The History List back in 2011 to get more people engaged with history and historic preservation by connecting them to the thousands of local history organizations and historic sites across the country.

1 thought on “Flex Your Pride, History Nerds!

  1. thehistorylist

    Thanks very much, Max, for the post.

    I should add one important detail about the “full back Declaration of Independence temporary tattoo” that people may not pick up on unless they click through: That product was announced April 1 and it, amazingly, sold out the same day. _If_ we do get it “back” in stock, it will probably be on April 1 next year.

    However, there are several free programs that are available year ’round (and not just on April Fool’s):
    – Weekly history event newsletters for states and regions, which are up and running for Massachusetts and Rhode Island. And we’re working on building them for New Hampshire, Connecticut, Iowa, and Colorado. Organizations in any of those states can contact me to participate, and organizations in other states interested in a weekly list for their state can contact me to get one started. There is no cost, and it’s quick. In fact, it takes a typical local history organization just 30 or 40 minutes once a year to list all of their programs, and then the programs (events, exhibits, walking tours) show up automatically in the correct weekly e-mails throughout the year. It’s the single most cost- (free) and time- (30 or 40 minutes) effective way for organizations to reach beyond their base to attract new visitors and members. More on the way they work here, using Massachusetts as an example: http://www.thehistorylist.com/start/Massachusetts. Organizations can contact me to participate or discuss getting one up and running in their state or region: Lee@TheHistoryList.com.
    – Historic America, a new program that partners with historic sites to promote selected unique items through The History List Store on a revenue share basis. The first organization participating is Longfellow’s Wayside Inn: https://store.thehistorylist.com/collections/wayside-inn.
    – Selling our original, trademarked designs through gift shops at historic sites. The Old North Church and the Wayside Inn are the first sites to participate and have had good results generating additional revenue for their organizations.
    – Working with historic sites and organizations to create their own merchandise. The Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum is the first organization to do this. We created a t-shirt that includes Susan B. Anthony and their site’s name. The shirt is available through our store and through their on-site and online gift shop. (Here’s the product in our store: https://store.thehistorylist.com/products/history-nerd-t-shirt-with-susan-b-anthony-light-blue-heather.) We are in the process of creating completely new designs–these will have the “vintage” look and feel that is so popular today–for other historic sites.
    – The largest list of courses and conferences for history, preservation, and heritage professionals: http://www.thehistorylist.com/conferences-and-courses. This is also available via a monthly e-mail that alerts you to upcoming registration deadlines and new courses and conferences.
    – Finally, a long list of free resources for historic sites and history organizations: http://www.thehistorylist.com/resources

    Thanks, again, Max. I know we’ll have some folks who are disappointed they missed out on the “full back Declaration of Independence temporary tattoo,” but I hope that they’ll find real value in the other programs and resources available every day of the year through The History List.


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