Making History Matter in a Shopping Bag

When I recently visited the NY History Store at the New-York Historical Society, they provided me with a sturdy bag to carry my newly purchased books, but also an engaging history game. On one side of the bag are a dozen questions, such as

  • Who kept live whales in Manhattan?
  • Who were the Death Avenue Cowboys?
  • When did slavery end in New York state?
  • Why is Broadway on an angle?
  • Who gave New York its famous nickname: The Empire State?
  • What is New York’s first museum?

To find the answers, to either have to peek inside the bag or look at the side panel to find a QR code and web address at There you’ll find an image of a totebag with the questions and you simply need to mouse over them to see the answer pop-up.  Very clever, plus it promotes several related items from the store.  Kudos to NYHS for making history fun and for reminding us that “Historians Recycle.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 8.46.58 AM.png