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El Morro National Monument Damaged by Vandalism

In October, two international students from the University of New Mexico went behind a split rail fence and carved their nicknames on the sandstone walls of El Morro National Monument.  They knew enough English to write “Super Duper Dana” and “Gabriel” but claimed they didn’t know enough English to read the sign posted just a few feet away that said, “It is unlawful to mark or deface El Morro Rock.”  Now their graffiti joins “Pedro Romero 1758” and two thousand other signatures, dates, messages, and petroglyphs that have been left over hundreds of years by Puebloans, Spaniards, and Americans.  They were recently charged with damaging an archaeological resource on public land and face fines, prison, and repair costs of nearly $30,000.   For more details, see the Albuquerque Journal and Cibola Beacon. Continue reading