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EngagingPlaces.net Celebrates Six Monthiversary

EngagingPlaces.net is entering its sixth month of operation and it’s doing well, thanks to all of you readers.  Each month has shown growth in the number of views and this past week saw a record of number of views in one day (432!).  Even more important measures are the number of subscribers/followers and quality of comments so this blog is providing a useful service to those who are working to preserve and interpret historic houses, sites, and places.  For those of you like data, most people are referred to this blog via search engines (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo), Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Most people come to the blog searching for specific people (e.g. Anthea Hartig, Barbara Carson, Laurie Ossman) or trends (e.g., 2012 Mobile Computing Trends).

I’ve also noticed that about the same number of people subscribe to the blog as follow me on Twitter, so I’ll experimenting with the type and frequency of posts in each media.  I’ve recently shifted to 2-3 posts weekly on the blog and 2-3 tweets daily on Twitter, taking Friday-Sunday off (views drop off significantly on those days–are you all taking three-day weekends or facing information overload by the end of the week?).  The blog posts will be mostly original or extended content whereas in the tweets, I will share stories produced by others and on occasion, breaking news.

The advantage of the two different media is that you can control how much and how frequently you wish to be engaged with EngagingPlaces.net: Continue reading