Video: U. S. Army Women’s Museum

An introduction to the U. S. Army Women’s Museum in Virginia.  It’s celebratory and vague (you can easily swap the word “women” with “African Americans,” “Virginians,” or even “Latvians,” and not change the patriotic message very much) but who knew such a place existed.

1 thought on “Video: U. S. Army Women’s Museum

  1. Dara Shore

    It’s a real shame that so much was left out of this video- I actually happen to know quite a bit about the Army Women’s Museum (originally the WAC Museum), as I’ve done research on a collection of kimono given to NMNH by the woman who founded it. I find it quite interesting that an institution that was originally founded to serve the explicit function of educating army women- and army women only- about their history in the service (the WAC museum was originally a single room at Ft. McClellan, only moving to its current location several years later) is now catering to “the general public” (whatever that may be). It’s certainly changed the kind of materials exhibited- and the material taken away from the public view.


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