Video: Starry Night

For today’s Friday break, a video by Petros Vrellis that demonstrates an interactive iPad application of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.  Is this a glimpse of a future where visitors can explore collections in new ways?

3 thoughts on “Video: Starry Night

  1. marylandis

    The genius of Van Gogh is that he was able to convey the beauty of the starry night and evoke an emotional response with paint. I am concerned that we are heading for a time when reality has to be enhanced with technological tricks in order to be appreciated. Will we become helplessly insensitive without kiosks and ipad apps?


  2. John C. Larson

    I used to stand in front of a wavy mirror at the fair and change my appearance. Technology is great fun but ultimately it does not improve the beauty of a piece of original creative genius. (Unless it Pixar)


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