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Video: History Summer Camp in China

This 4:49 video is titled, “Dailian History Summer Camp” but I can’t figure out what’s going on.  The music is bubbly but the scenes make no sense:  children playing basketball in kimonos, performances of Korean traditional music, song and dance numbers, jumping rope, and a visit to a historic POW camp (including weapons and torture devices).  I can’t even figure out if the titles are written in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, but it looks like they’re have a good time (the opening titling is a bit long, so you might want to skip to 0:30).      Can anyone translate this and share what’s going on?  Thank you all.

Video: A Virtual Summer Camp using Google+

Invention meets social media in a summer camp format.  In 2012, MAKE held a Maker Camp on Google+, introducing an online summer camp inspired by the creative and diverse maker culture.  It was a six-week program featuring 30 days of projects and activities for teens 13-18. Every day a different counselor posted how-to instructions and hosted a Hangout, giving campers a chance to ask questions and show off their projects. It was free and open to everyone with a Google+ profile.

How can new technologies transform or expand your programs?  Can Google+ or Hangout help you work with colleagues to complete projects?  Check out what the Henry Ford Museum is doing with Maker Faire Detroit.  Can your summer camps incorporate some ideas from Maker Faire®?